Analyst relations is a strategic investment in shaping what critical market influencers are saying in published research and in one-on-one meetings with decision makers.

AR's efforts must build analyst awareness and knowledge with high-impact analysts regarding your:

  • vision and strategies
  • products and solutions
  • implementation and support capabilities
  • competitive differentiation
  • ecosystem
  • go-to-market strategies

At the same time, AR must build analyst confidence in your ability to execute and your ability to deliver value, so analysts will recommend you to customers.

For established programs, ASG has the experience and expertise to provide critical feedback regarding how effectively your program is addressing these needs. Equally important, ASG can provide strategic and operational recommendations to help improve the efficacy of your AR outreach and support.

For newer programs, ASG can provide the direction and guidance to establish a powerful program and build internal executive sponsorship.

  • Measurement Suite 5 - MS5

    ASG's Measurement Suite combines our full complement of measurement tools to provide a 360° assessment of the efficacy of your AR program related to educating the analyst community, communicating and supporting core messages, and providing critical feedback to product executives and product management teams. ASG's Measurement Suite empowers you with metrics that matter to you at a significant cost savings over purchasing individual suites or individual products. The Suite includes:
    • Research Impact Suite - RIS

      provides a detailed assessment of your level of coverage and that of your key competitors; and the overall positive or negative impact of your coverage is generating within your target markets. learn more
    • Message Resonance Suite - MRS

      provides a comprehensive assessment of how well your key messages and concepts are being picked up, repeated, and amplified via published research; and whether your messages are being associated most strongly with you or one of your competitors. learn more
    • Key Analyst Dashboards

      provide analyst-specific assessments of the analysts' knowledge in several critical areas, and insight regarding the degree to which each analyst is reflecting their knowledge and driving positive market perceptions through their published research. learn more
    • Perception Audit

      predicts what key analysts are likely saying to your prospects and customers through inquiry and other one-on-one conversations. The audit delivers an in-depth examination of the analyst community's perceptions and opinions regarding your strategies, products and services, alignment with marketing and industry trends, and efficacy of your overall go-to-market strategies. learn more
    • Event Impact Audit

      provides a detailed assessment of how well your analyst summit or other significant outreach event communicated your key messages and sustained or improved analyst confidence in your leadership, strategies, ability to execute, and ability to create value for your customers. learn more

  • Operations Suite 9 - OS9

    ASG provides a full complement of tools, training, and measurement in support of AR operations, including:
    • AR Diagnostic - ARD

      is conducted by our partners at SageCircle as a quick, systematic check-up on the operating health of your program. The diagnostic examines everything from executive sponsorship and analyst identification/tiering to analyst outreach/support strategies and measurement practices. learn more
    • AR Measurement Diagnostic - ARMD

      is a detailed assessment of how well your AR Measurement Program is providing timely and actionable assessments related to a) the efficacy of your outreach and support activities, b) the provision of critical analyst feedback to marketing and product management, and c) support provided to your sales teams. The Measurement Diagnostic delivers specific, actionable recommendations based on the current focus, resources, and capabilities of your program. learn more
    • Analyst Tiering Service - ATS

      outsources the task of researching analysts within your designated markets and producing an aggregated list of analysts ranked in terms of their influence and impact on your company's sales and/or ranked in terms of their influence defining and shaping emerging markets. An up-to-date analyst list ensures that your outreach and response resources are targeting the most influential analysts where your company can receive the greatest return for investment in Analyst Relations. learn more
    • Interactive Analyst Tiering Workbook - ITW

      provides an easy-to-use interactive tool for capturing your ratings for up to twelve firm-specific factors and up to twelve analyst-specific factors to quantify both the market and end-user influence of the analysts or other influencers impacting your markets. ASG provides a default set of factors (e.g., personal credibility, coverage focus, publication volume, social media involvement, etc.). However, factor definitions, focus area definitions (e.g., regions, submarkets, etc.), and all weighting factors are completely user-definable. Each model workbook can produce up to ten tiered analyst lists. Manual tier assignment overrides are supported. learn more
    • AR Operational Effectiveness Study - OES

      is an annual Web-based survey of your analyst communities designed to assess analyst satisfaction with your Basic Communications, Strategic Communications, Basic Relationship Management, and Strategic Relationship Management capabilities. ASG’s extensive research repository has provided insight to which AR activities are most closely associated with important metrics including Share-of-Voice, Tonality, and Net Market Impact. ASG provides specific, actionable recommendations based on study findings. learn more
    • AR Program Planning

      is an annual activity (reviewed quarterly) that assists the development of your strategic and tactical plans to educate the analyst community and build their confidence in your ability to execute and deliver value to your customers. Whether you want us to review and comment on your existing plan or guide the development of your plan from scratch, ASG’s proven analyst segmentation and interaction models can help. learn more
    • Building Your Measurement Program

      provides guidance for companies working to develop direct, simple, and cost-effective metrics to demonstrate AR impact and align/integrate with concurrent measurement programs used by the overall marketing organization. learn more
    • Building Executive Sponsorship

      provides guidance, recommendations, and executive briefing presentation materials to build executive awareness of industry analyst impact on your company’s top line while helping executives better understand the role of the industry analysts and effective strategies for influencing their perceptions. learn more
    • High-Impact Analyst Interaction Readiness

      provides guidance, assessment, and recommendations to help you prepare for a major analyst event (e.g., summit, road show, etc.), including sessions to prepare executives, product managers, and key presenters and a review of themes, presentations, and supporting materials to maximize positive analyst impact. learn more
    • Advisory Services

      provides quick access to senior advisors at both ASG and our inquiry partner SageCircle to address both strategic and tactical concerns. learn more