ASG works with you to identify the key analysts who carry strong influence within YOUR target markets. And in the event an identified analyst’s coverage spans multiple markets, we work with you to establish the parameters that define YOUR markets. ASG is focused on delivering metrics that matter to you!

ASG conducts both a short semi-annual Web-based survey and one-on-one interviews with each identified key analysts. In addition, ASG reviews research reports published by identified analysts to categorize reports as to which of your market(s), if any, are addressed. Qualified reports are captured in ASG’s extensive multi-year, multi-firm database, along with a brief synopsis of the key findings from each report. For each competitor referenced within a report, ASG captures the prominence and tonality of the reference to provide analyst-specific assessment of:
  • Share-of-Voice assesses the relative level of coverage afforded each identified competitor
  • Average Tonality provides insight into the overall favorability orientation of the analyst towards each competitor
  • Net Market Impact determines the likely overall impact of the analyst’s published research on customer perceptions of each competitor

Key Analyst dashboards are a critical tool for planning specific outreach and support activities for these high-impact market influencers.

Key Deliverables

  • Key Analyst Dashboards are one-page, easy-to-read, shareable dashboards generated for each identified analyst that combines findings from interviews, Web-surveys, and published research. Dashboards provide insight to the analyst’s level of knowledge related to your vision and strategy, products and solutions, implementation and support capabilities, positioning and differentiation, competitive positioning, and confidence in your ability to execute. Dashboards also present Share-of-Voice, Average Tonality, and Net Market Impact assessments from research published or contributed to by the analyst. Finally, dashboards include ASG commentary related to the analyst.
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Why Outsource to ASG

  • ASG conducts over 800 analysts interviews every year; we have the industry experience to ask drill-down and follow-up questions to get below ‘canned’ answers and discover true perceptions
  • ASG has captured over 42,000 research reports in our research database supporting trend analysis over 5+ years
  • ASG conducts numerous Web-based studies annually; we have been recognized as helping clients capture meaningful quantitative information
  • ASG’s proprietary analysis algorithms yield insights that are far more accurate than typical “mention counting” approaches
  • ASG’s dashboards provide critical insight to the impact of your key analysts
  • Interviews, Web-based studies, and research review, capture, and tagging is labor and time intensive

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