The AR Diagnostic was created to enable your AR program to quickly and systematically evaluate how well your AR Measurement Program is providing timely and actionable assessments related to a) the efficacy of your outreach and support activities on shaping analyst perceptions, b) the provision of critical analyst feedback to the marketing organization, and c) the support provided to your sales teams. The information gathered through the diagnostic process generates a profile of your program as compared to a standard set of strategic and operational foundation components. It quickly shows how you map against similar or best-in-class programs. ASG's assessment of the findings includes specific recommendations for targeted actions to improve the efficacy of your program.

The AR Diagnostic is a no charge service provided by ASG and takes only one 30-minute phone call to collect data and a second 45-minute call to review findings and recommendations.

Why invest your time in this exercise? The AR Measurement Diagnostic provides:
  • an objective comparison of your current practices versus best-of-breed programs to highlight areas where your program excels and opportunties for improvement
  • a quantitative benchmark for assessing year-over-year progress for your AR measurement program
  • a structured framework for getting your AR staff focused on quantifiable goals
  • new ideas for strategies and activities you can add to your current portfolio of measurement efforts

Key Deliverables

  • SWOT Analysis delivered within ASG's AR Measurement Matrix (Sample)
  • Diagnostic Summary Report presents written recommendations for your AR program based on current capabilities and your program's goals and objectives (Sample)

Why Outsource to ASG

  • ASG is the industry leader in AR program measurement
  • Ability to leverage the knowledge and best practices from a broad spectrum of AR programs
  • Extend your AR team; increase resources versus taxing your internal resources

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