Client-Sponsored Web-Based Studies

By default, all ASG Web-based studies are anonymous. No information that would enable ASG or the sponsoring client to uniquely identify a participant is captured via embedded codes in the survey hyperlink or through any other hidden mechanism. For some surveys, ASG may ask participants to provide basic demographic information (e.g., region, coverage focus, etc.) to support categorization of responses. In addition, at the conclusion of some surveys, ASG may ask participants to identify themselves by name and/or to identify their analyst firm. In all such cases, ASG specifically advises the participant that providing this information is strictly voluntary and does not impact inclusion or exclusion of a participant’s responses in study findings. Further, participants are specifically advised that providing uniquely identifiable information indicates their express consent for ASG to include their uniquely identifiable information when ASG provides study findings to the survey sponsor.

Client-Sponsored Interview-Based Studies

At the conclusion of each interview, the participant is expressly asked whether ASG has the participant’s permission to attribute comments made by the participant when ASG delivers findings to the study sponsor. Granting permission is strictly voluntary. Granting of or refusal to grant permission does not impact whether a participant’s comments are specifically called out or used to illustrate study findings. However, in the event permission is not granted, ASG maintains strict confidentiality regarding the identity of the participant when presenting study findings or discussing participant comments within any context, formal or informal.

For both Web-based and Interview-based studies, ASG includes provisions in ASG’s contract with the study sponsor to ensure that findings are for internal purposes only and cannot be shared outside the study sponsor’s organization, specifically but not limited to use for sales or promotion purposes.