For Marketing

Industry analysts are a micro-population that accurately reflects perceptions and opinions held by decision-makers within your target markets.
In aggregate, the analyst community can provide:

  • keen insight on how your strategies and messaging are resonating
  • critical feedback on your competitive position and differentiation
  • identification of the key issues and concerns driving decision-makers
  • early recognition of emerging hot trends and trends that have run their course

ASG has the deep industry expertise and experience to tap into this rich knowledge resource and provide cost-effective assessments of key attitudes and opinions within your target markets. learn more

For Analyst Relations

Analyst relations is a strategic investment in shaping what critical market influencers are saying in published research and in one-on-one meetings with decision makers. AR's efforts must build analyst awareness and knowledge with high-impact analysts regarding your:

  • vision and strategies
  • products and solutions
  • implementation and support capabilities
  • competitive differentiation
  • ecosystem
  • go-to-market strategies

At the same time, AR must build analyst confidence in your ability to execute and your ability to deliver value, so analysts will recommend you to customers.

For established programs, ASG has the experience and expertise to provide critical feedback regarding how effectively your program is addressing these needs. Equally important, ASG can provide strategic and operational recommendations to help improve the efficacy of your AR outreach and support. For newer programs, ASG can provide the direction and guidance to establish a powerful program and build internal executive sponsorship. learn more

For Sales

Analyst research is widely distributed and read by virtually every one of your potential customers. More importantly, analysts routinely provide recommendations for vendor short-lists. In a recent worldwide survey, almost 33% of decision-makers stated that “within the past year, I have excluded a vendor from consideration based significantly on the recommendation of an industry analyst.” Conversely, the same survey showed that over two-thirds of decision-makers have considered a vendor who was brought to their attention by an industry analyst.” In addition, analysts regularly assist decision-makers on a retained consultancy basis (advisory services) and via special research projects.
Your sales team must be:

  • kept apprised of important analyst research
  • trained in identifying analyst involvement in their sales cycle
  • provided the information and tools to effectively leverage analyst influence

ASG has the experience and expertise to work with your AR program to provide timely tools and information to help your sales team close more sales. learn more

Getting Started

Many AR programs are concerned about potential costs and resource requirements associated with implementing a strategic approach to analyst relations, and specifically with implementing an AR measurement program.

ASG is acutely aware of your concerns!

In response, we want to assure you that each of our offerings are researched, produced, and delivered using the most cost-effective processes available. Further, each of our offerings can be tuned or customized to adapt to your specific requirements, resources, and budget. We are dedicated to delivering metrics that matter to you.

Still, many of our clients are looking for quick, timely, high-impact tools to gain an introductory level of insight to analyst impact in their markets; and/or to educate marketing, product teams, and even executives regarding critical opinions and beliefs held by the analyst community. learn more