Message monitoring is NOT based on pre-defined messages or pre-canned market definitions. ASG works with you to ensure that we are focused on YOUR messaging and the messaging of your top competitors. Next, we work with you to establish the parameters that define YOUR markets. Finally, we work with YOU to identify the analysts and analyst firms that are key influencers within each of your markets. ASG is focused on delivering metrics that matter to you!

ASG reviews research reports, blogs, and other content published by the selected analyst firms to categorize which of your market(s), if any, are addressed by each publication. Qualified reports are captured in ASG’s extensive multi-year, multi-firm database and tagged for references to the identified key messages around which your (and your competitor’s) go-to-market positioning is based. ASG also identifies which competitors are associated with each message and whether the reference is positive or negative to provide:
  • assessment of overall penetration and resonance of your (and your competitors’) positioning
  • identification of which messages are best supporting your overall positioning
  • assessment of how strongly each competitor is associated with each message

Key Deliverables

  • Message Resonance Dashboards present a one-page, easy-to-read, shareable overview of critical metrics, providing snapshot, trend, and firm-level insights. Dashboards include ASG commentary related to key events or trends impacting each of your markets.
  • Research Summary Report presents a consolidated view of the published research relevant to each of your defined markets.
  • Message Resonance Workbook presents 27 detailed current period and six-period trending charts and supporting data, including firm-level analysis.

Why Outsource to ASG

  • ASG has captured over 42,000 research reports in our research database supporting trend analysis over 5+ years
  • ASG has the industry experience to accurately and efficiently identify messages within published reports and to associate messages with the appropriate competitors
  • ASG’s dashboards and workbooks provide critical insight to the impact of campaigns, announcements, and major outreach activities (whether hosted by you or a competitor)
  • ASG’s Research Summary Reports provide an easily digestible summary of important analyst research for your executives, product managers, competitive intelligence, and other marketing stakeholders
  • Research review, capture, and tagging is labor and time intensive

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