Measurement programs must be SIMPLE and must align with your company's culture, measurement priorities, budget, and resources. ASG works closely with you to quickly examine a wide range of AR-specific measurement alternatives to establish a simple, customized, and appropriate measurement program. Through the process, ASG provides a set of models/frameworks that consider strategies for:
  • Monitoring analyst research publications to determine the level of coverage you (and your competitors) are receiving and the likely impact your coverage is having within each of your target markets
  • Monitoring analyst research publications to assess the degree to which your (and your competitors') key messages are being echoed and amplified by the analyst community
  • Assessing analyst awareness of your strategies, products/solutions, and capabilities
  • Assessing analyst confidence in your company's ability to execute against commitments and deliver quantifiable value for your customers
  • Determining the specific level of knowledge and market impact for identified high-impact analysts
  • Assessing the level of analyst satisfaction with your program's outreach and support activities
  • Determining how well your AR program is providing strategic, tactical, and pragmatic value to product managers, business unit executives, and the overall marketing team
  • Monitoring your sales team's level of awareness regarding analyst impact within their sales cycles; and their overall level of satisfaction with the level of support and timeliness of information provided by your program related to analyst activities
  • And more...

After considering this spectrum of measurement opportunities, ASG works with you to hone in on the specific activities that align with your needs, resources, and budget.

Key Deliverables

  • AR Measurement Overview Session(s) kicks off the program with a detailed review and discussion of current goals, objectives, resources, and existing measurement activities.
  • Best Practice Materials are a set of models that identify AR-specific measurement alternatives and characterize the insight, application, strategic value, and level of resources required for each alternative
  • AR Measurement Plan Development Session a series of 2-3 one-hour conference calls designed to review measurement alternatives, discuss alignment of alternatives with your company's culture and resources, and identify the set of measurement activities appropriate for your program
  • AR Measurement Plan provides a detailed plan that includes:
    • Program goals and objectives
    • Core measurement activities, timelines, and resources
    • Budget/resource requirements
  • AR Measurement Presentation provides a short slide deck to be used when briefing program sponsors and other stakeholders regarding your AR measurement program

Why Outsource to ASG

  • ASG is the industry leader in AR measurement
  • ASG has proven expertise in helping organizations develop simple, effective, and efficient measurement programs
  • ASG's extensive library of best practice tools, models, and frameworks accelerate plan development
  • ASG's rigorous methodology ensures a plan that is practical, aligned with your goals and resources, and defensible to program sponsors
  • ASG tunes our models, content, and review sessions to align with YOUR goals and YOUR team's capabilities; we do NOT force a "cookie-cutter" approach, but integrate with your objectives

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