Based on ASG’s extensive experience conducting influencer-centric, interview-based studies, ASG conducts one-on-one interviews with a set of high-impact analysts to assess attitudes and opinions regarding your:
  • vision, strategy, solutions, and alignment with industry trends
  • market reputation and analyst confidence in delivery capabilities
  • competitive positioning and competitive differentiation
  • communication and resonance of key market messages

Key Deliverables

  • Executive Summary Presentation highlighting key findings, recommendations, and study methodology
  • Review Session with AR/Marketing team
  • Review Session(s) with additional stakeholders
  • Perception Audit Findings Report provides a summary of each interview and supports each key finding with direct analyst-attributed quotations
  • Analytic Workbook providing detailed responses for quantitative responses

Why Outsource to ASG

  • ASG conducts over 800 analysts interviews every year
  • ASG has the industry experience to ask drill-down and follow-up questions to get below ‘canned’ answers and discover true perceptions
  • ASG maintains third-party objectivity
  • Positive analyst impressions of companies interested in soliciting detailed feedback
  • Studies are labor and time intensive

Due to the client-specific nature of this service, sample deliverables are not available.
Please contact ASG directly for more information.