High-Impact Analyst Interaction Readiness provides guidance, assessment, and recommendations to help you prepare for a major analyst event (e.g., summit, road show, on-site consulting days, etc.). The program is designed to help maximize results from your significant investment of time and money. The primary goals of the program are:
  • ensure clear articulation of goals, objectives, and themes for the event
  • hone core messages
  • ensure messages align with overall goals
  • ensure presentation content and supporting materials are focused and meet analyst expectations
  • prepare executives, product managers, and key presenters

In addition, ASG works with you to establish an appropriate information harvesting plan to enable bi-directional communications and ensure your marketing and product management teams get as much feedback as possible.

Key Deliverables

  • Event Overview Session(s) kicks off the program with a detailed review, discussion, and recommendations for event goals, objectives, and themes. In addition, ASG provides and presents our event planning framework to ensure all major aspects of the upcoming event are included in event preparations.
  • Best Practice Materials are a set of shareable presentations that highlight best practices tuned to the type of analyst event you are hosting.
  • Presentation Review Session(s) provide detailed review, discussion, and recommendations for each presentation session.
  • Presentation Preparation Session(s) are discussions with session presenters to ensure they have an appropriate understanding of the analyst community and are armed with best practices for effectively communicating with analysts. Alternatively, ASG can serve as a mock analyst audience to critique presentations.

Note: For organizations wanting to measure the efficacy of a major event, ASG offers an Event Impact Audit.

Why Outsource to ASG

  • ASG has proven expertise in helping organizations plan analyst events; including plan, content, and proof-point review
  • ASG's extensive library of best practices for analyst summits, analyst consulting days, and analyst roadshow activities
  • Extending your team with ASG's resources enables you to focus on the strategic aspects of the event
  • ASG tunes our models, content, and review sessions to align with YOUR goals and YOUR team's capabilities; we do NOT force a "cookie-cutter" approach, but integrate with your objectives

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