ASG's program for building executive sponsorship for your AR program provides guidance, recommendations, and executive briefing/education presentation materials to help build executive awareness regarding:
  • Analyst influence and impact on your sales opportunities
  • Analyst influence and impact on the market's perception of your company
  • The role of the analyst community within the high tech marketplace and the mechanisms through which analysts effect their influence
  • The role of executives and product managers within an effective analyst relations program
  • Strategies for influencing analyst perceptions and driving more (and more positive) coverage
  • Strategies for leveraging analyst insight and perceptions in your product development and product marketing initiatives

After considering this spectrum of measurement opportunities, ASG works with you to hone in on the specific activities that align with your needs, resources, and budget.

Key Deliverables

  • Sponsorship Planning Overview Session kicks off the program with a detailed review and discussion of current program sponsors, including their criteria for a 'successful' AR program, their understanding of the analyst community, and their understanding of effective AR strategies and practiceso
  • Best Practice Materials are a set of practice guidelines distilled from a review of programs that have proven successful in fostering strong executive support and sponsorship
  • Executive Briefing/Training Materials are a set of two presentation decks that provide the agenda and content for two 30-minute executive briefings that cover the essential education topics described above
  • Sponsorship Plan Development Session a one-hour conference call wherein ASG provides specific recommendations that adapt best-practices to your situation and resources
  • Executive Briefings (Optional) delivered either on-site or via Web-conference, wherein ASG presents the content of the Executive Briefing/Training Matericals, including time allocated for questions/answers

Why Outsource to ASG

  • ASG has proven expertise in helping organizations develop simple, effective, and efficient programs for recruiting, building, and maintaining strong executive sponsorship
  • ASG's extensive library of best practice tools, models, and frameworks stimulate discussion around alternatives and accelerate development of a customized sponsorship program
  • ASG can provide an outside, third-party perspective for your executive team regarding the role and influence of the analyst community
  • As former C-level executives, ASG is experienced in delivering executive-level briefings focused on the interests and mind-set of senior leaders within your organization

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