Conducted 2-3 weeks after a signficant event (e.g., analyst summit, analyst roadshow, etc.), ASG combines focused one-on-one key attendee interviews with a Web-based study of all attendees. ASG's extensive experience conducting influencer-centric, interview-based studies and our experience conducting Web surveys that go deeper than merely questions about presentations and logistics delivers an objective assessment of how well the event communicated your key messages and how well (or if) the event impacted analyst perceptions related to your:
  • vision, strategy, solutions, and alignment with industry trends
  • market reputation and analyst confidence in delivery capabilities
  • competitive positioning and competitive differentiation
  • communication and resonance of key market messages

Key Deliverables

  • Executive Summary Presentation highlights key findings broken out by inteview/survey respondents coupled with detailed recommendations for building on the momentum established by the event
  • Review Session with AR team to go over findings and recommendation prior to development of the final Executive Summary Presentation materials
  • Review Session(s) conducted with event sponsors, product managers, and other key stakeholders interested in learning about the audit findings
  • Event Audit Workbookprovides detailed responses for all interview and Web-based quantitative questions

Why Outsource to ASG

  • ASG conducts multiple interview-based and Web-based analyst-centric surveys annually
  • ASG has the industry experience to ask drill-down and follow-up questions to get below ‘canned’ answers and discover true perceptions
  • ASG’s methodology ensures statistically relevant findings
  • ASG’s extensive repository of analyst research allows correlation analysis with post-event analyst publications from the major analyst firms to provide additional insight to the impact of your event
  • ASG maintains third-party objectivity
  • Studies are labor and time intensive

Due to the client-specific nature of this service, sample deliverables are not available.
Please contact ASG directly for more information.