A strong, comprehensive, and realistic AR Strategic and Tactical Plan is essential to gaining executive sponsorship and is critical for aligning, prioritizing, and coordinating program resources and activities. ASG offers two versions of our AR Program Planning project:

AR Plan Review: For organizations that have the bandwidth and experience to construct their full AR Strategie and Tactical Plan, ASG provides a scaled down, accelerated project aimed at providing a third-party review and validation of your program objectives, strategies, program sponsorship, analyst lists, interaction calendars, and program measurement activities.

AR Plan Development: For organizations with limited resources or programs wishing to develop their full AR Strategic and Tactical Plan from scratch, ASG provides a comprehensive program that includes an overall plan development model, a detailed set of preparatory conference calls, a full-day on-site session focused on finalizing interaction calendars and program measurement activities, as well as preparation, delivery and review of the final detailed plan documents.

For both versions, ASG provides and applies our proven planning models, including our Strategic Analyst Interaction Framework, our Tactical Analyst Interaction Framework, and our Program Resources and Budgeting Workbook.

Key Deliverables

  • AR Planning Overview Session(s) kicks off the program with a detailed review and discussion of current goals, objectives, resources, program sponsorship, upcoming announcements and other key events.
  • Best Practice Materials are a set of models for capturing key company announcements and events; identifying critical analyst publications, conferences, and events; and tracking competitor conferences and summits. ASG also provides proven frameworks for planning analyst interactions based on whether the analyst plays more of a strategic or tactical advisory role within your markets.
  • Budget/Resources Workbook is a spreadsheet model that captures all program activities and projects both headcount and budget requirements to deliver on all planned activities. The interactive nature of the workbook enables 'what-if' planning scenarios to support discussions with program sponsors.
  • Plan Development Sessions (full program only) are a series of one-hour conference calls designed to work through the capture and development of all preparatory materials, including identification of program sponsors, articulation of program goals and objectives, review of analyst lists, and review of all factors that will influence development of the interaction calendars (e.g., company events and announcements, analyst publications and conferences, and competitor events)
  • On-Site Planning Day (full program only) is an all-day event that incorporates all preparatory materials and is focused on generating a detailed, month-by-month analyst interaction calendar. Definition of program measurement strategies and activities also are addressed.
  • AR Strategic and Tactical Plan (full program only) provides a detailed plan that includes:
    • Program goals and objectives
    • Program sponsorship
    • Extended team contacts and responsiblities
    • Targeted analyst firms/analysts
    • Analyst interaction calendar
    • Sponsor involvement calendar
    • Program measurement
    • Budget/resource requirements
  • Plan Review Session provides a detailed review, discussion, and recommendations related to your AR Strategic and Tactical Plan

Why Outsource to ASG

  • ASG has proven expertise in helping organizations develop comprehensive, targeted, effective, and efficient program plans
  • ASG's extensive library of best practice tools, models, and frameworks accelerate plan development
  • ASG's rigorous methodology ensures a plan that is practical, aligned with your goals and resources, and defensible to program sponsors
  • Extending your team with ASG's resources enables you to focus on the strategic aspects of your plan's objectives
  • ASG tunes our models, content, and review sessions to align with YOUR goals and YOUR team's capabilities; we do NOT force a "cookie-cutter" approach, but integrate with your objectives

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