Every year industry analysts...

  • ...influence over $250B in tech buying decisions
  • ...publish over 17,000 research reports
  • ...conduct 900,000+ client inquiries
  • ...participate in 250,000+ one-on-one meetings
  • ...post thousands of comments on social networks
  • ...present at hundreds of industry conferences
  • For Marketing

    Industry analysts are a micro-population that accurately reflects perceptions and opinions held by decision-makers within your target markets.
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  • For Analyst Relations

    AR's efforts must build awareness and knowledge with high-impact analysts. At the same time, AR must build analyst confidence in your ability to execute and your ability to deliver value so analysts will recommend you to customers.
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  • For Sales

    Analyst research is widely distributed and read by virtually every one of your potential customers. More importantly, analysts routinely provide recommendations for vendor short-lists.
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