The AR Diagnostic (ARD) was created to enable AR organizations to quickly and systematically evaluate their current AR program. The information gathered through the diagnostic process generates a profile of your AR program as compared to a standard set of strategic and operational foundation components. It quickly shows how you map against similar or best-in-class programs. ASG's assessment of the findings includes specific recommendations for targeted actions to improve the efficacy of your program.

ARD is a no charge service provided by ASG and our advisory partner SageCircle and takes only one 45-minute phone call to collect data and a second 45-minute call to review findings and recommendations.

Why invest 1-1/2 hours in this exercise? The ARD provides:
  • an objective comparison of your current practices versus best-of-breed programs to highlight areas where your program excels and opportunties for improvement
  • a quantitative benchmark for assessing year-over-year progress for your AR program
  • a structured framework for getting your AR staff focused on quantifiable goals in preparation for AR planning exercises
  • new ideas for strategies and activities you can add to your current portfolio of outreach and support efforts

Key Deliverables

  • SWOT Analysis delivered within SageCircle's AR Effectiveness Matrix (Sample)
  • Diagnostic Summary Report presents written recommendations for your AR program based on current capabilities and your program's goals and objectives

Why Outsource to ASG

  • Deepest AR resources available, pulling from the knowledge bases of both ASG and our AR Advisory partner, SageCircle
  • Ability to leverage the knowledge and best practices from a broad spectrum of AR programs
  • Extend your AR team; increase resources versus taxing your internal resources

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