Many AR programs are concerned about potential costs and resource requirements associated with implementing a strategic approach to analyst relations, and specifically with implementing an AR measurement program.

ASG is acutely aware of your concerns!

In response, we want to assure you that each of our offerings are researched, produced, and delivered using the most cost-effective processes available. Further, each of our offerings can be tuned or customized to adapt to your specific requirements, resources, and budget. We are dedicated to delivering metrics that matter to you.

Still, many of our clients are looking for quick, timely, high-impact tools to gain an introductory level of insight to analyst impact in their markets; and/or to educate marketing, product teams, and even executives regarding critical opinions and beliefs held by the analyst community.

  • Starter Metrics

    Derived from ASG's extensive research capture capabilities and our global decision-maker Web studies, ASG is able to offer a selection of industry dashboards at an affordable, get-started price:
    • Industry Impact Dashboards

      are prepared for select markets and present aggregated analyst community and firm-level insight to Share-of-Voice and Net Market Impact for major competitors within a specified market. Think of this as a Gartner Magic QuadrantTM or a Forrester WaveTM for analyst impact within your target markets. learn more
    • Industry Influencer Dashboard

      presents top-level findings from ASG’s most recent worldwide study of key decision-makers regarding the relative impact of major influencer groups at each stage of the sales cycle. Also included are important findings related to the specific influence of industry analysts on short-list creation and the relative level of confidence buyers place on research from each of the major analyst firms. learn more

  • Starter Programs

    For programs seeking guidance and recommendations to help build their program, ASG offers several low-cost, high-impact tools:
    • AR Diagnostic - ARD

      is conducted by our partners at SageCircle as a quick, systematic check-up on the operating health of your program. The diagnostic examines everything from executive sponsorship and analyst identification/tiering to analyst outreach/support strategies and measurement practices. learn more
    • AR Plan Review

      is is a quick check-up focused specifically on your strategic and tactical plans to educate the analyst community and build their confidence in your ability to execute and deliver value to your customers. ASG’s proven analyst segmentation and interaction models can provide insight to help improve program efficacy. learn more
    • Building Your Measurement Program

      provides guidance for companies working to develop direct, simple, and cost-effective metrics to demonstrate AR impact and align/integrate with concurrent measurement programs used by the overall marketing organization. learn more
    • Building Executive Sponsorship

      provides guidance, recommendations, and executive briefing presentation materials to build executive awareness of industry analyst impact on your company’s top line while helping executives better understand the role of the industry analysts and effective strategies for influencing their perceptions. learn more
    • Advisory Services

      provides quick access to senior advisors at both ASG and our inquiry partner SageCircle to address both strategic and tactical concerns. learn more