Industry analysts are a micro-population that accurately reflects perceptions and opinions held by decision-makers within your target markets.

In aggregate, the analyst community can provide:

  • keen insight on how your strategies and messaging are resonating
  • critical feedback on your competitive position and differentiation
  • identification of the key issues and concerns driving decision-makers
  • early recognition of emerging hot trends and trends that have run their course

ASG has the deep industry expertise and experience to tap into this rich knowledge resource and provide cost-effective assessments of key attitudes and opinions within your target markets.

  • Marketing Support Suite

    ASG’s Marketing Support Suite focuses on leveraging the analyst community as a proxy for market perceptions to gain insight as to how your customers see you and how well customers are responding to your messages and positioning. The Suite includes:
    • Perception Audit

      Based on ASG’s extensive experience conducting influencer-centric, interview-based studies, ASG conducts one-on-one interviews with a set of high-impact analysts to assess attitudes and opinions regarding your:
      •  vision, strategy, solutions, and alignment with industry trends
      •  market reputation and analyst confidence in delivery capabilities
      •  competitive positioning and competitive differ
      •  communication and resonance of key market messages
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    • Message Resonance Suite - MRS

      ASG reviews research reports published by the major analyst firms to categorize reports as to which of your market(s), if any, are addressed. Qualified reports are captured in ASG’s extensive multi-year, multi-firm database and tagged for references to key messages or concepts around which your go-to-market positioning is based; or messages related to your competitors’ positioning. ASG also identifies which competitors are associated with each message and whether the reference is positive or negative to provide:
      •  assessment of overall penetration and resonance of your (and your competitors’) positioning
      •  identification of which messages are best supporting your overall positioning
      •  assessment of how strongly each competitor is associated with each message
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