Analyst research is widely distributed and read by virtually every one of your potential customers.

More importantly, analysts routinely provide recommendations for vendor short-lists. In a recent worldwide survey, almost 33% of decision-makers stated that “within the past year, I have excluded a vendor from consideration based significantly on the recommendation of an industry analyst.” Conversely, the same survey showed that over two-thirds of decision-makers have considered a vendor who was brought to their attention by an industry analyst.”

In addition, analysts regularly assist decision-makers on a retained consultancy basis (advisory services) and via special research projects.

Your sales team must be:

  • kept apprised of important analyst research
  • trained in identifying analyst involvement in their sales cycle
  • provided the information and tools to effectively leverage analyst influence

ASG has the experience and expertise to work with your AR program to provide timely tools and information to help your sales team close more sales.

  • Sales Support Suite

    ASG’s Sales Support Suite combines our full complement of tools and training to cost-effectively arm your sales organization to leverage analyst influence and respond appropriately to analyst involvement in their sales cycles. ASG's Sales Support Suite costs up to 40% less than purchasing individual products. The Suite includes:
    • Sales Silver Bullets

      tracks analyst research and flags only the most critical reports that could impact your sales opportunities. ASG provides a one-page writeup to provide a brief synopsis of the report coupled with guidance for using the report to accelerate sales cycles or mitigate risk associated with negative coverage. Most importantly, ASG works closely with you to ensure alerts comply with internal procedures and are delivered in a timely fashion. learn more
    • Sales Team Audit

      is an annual Web-based survey of your sales organization (including dealers and/or channel partners) to assess their level of awareness regarding analyst influence and their level of satisfaction with the support and tools provided to help them leverage positive analyst influence and effectively counter negative analyst meddling. learn more
    • Sales Team Training

      is delivered in conjunction with our partners. Clients may select topics that best fit their needs from an arsenal of training materials for sales and sales management anchored by two overview modules: Sales Team Basics and Sales Management Basics. learn more
    • Building Your Sales Support Program

      is an annual activity (reviewed quarterly) that assists the development of your plans to effectively support and enable the sales organization to leverage analyst influence in the sales cycle, specifically for strategic sales opportunities. Whether you want us to review and comment on your existing plan or guide the development of your plan from scratch, ASG’s proven training, engagement, and support models can help. learn more