Industry analysts can have huge influence on the purchasing decisions made by IT buyers. In many cases, that influence is unknown to the sales organization. AR teams should must strive to disseminate the most pertinent and timely information throughout their organizations, and particularly to the sales organization. Arming sales with the correct mix of timely information can assist in risk management and can provide positive leverage of third-party objective opinions to help close business. However, the information must be specific, actionable, and easy for sales to digest.

ASG's Sales Silver Bullets service tracks analyst research on a daily basis and flags only the most critical research reports that are likely to have significant impact on your organization's sales opportunities. ASG prepares specific context for targeted reports that suggests effective strategies for effectively leveraging or effectively countering the published opinions. Importantly, this information is provided to you quickly (typically within 24 hours of report publication). We work with AR, Sales Operations, and/or the Business Unit to get this critical information into the hands of your sales team.

Key Deliverables

ASG works with you to determine the appropriate format, mix, and number of silver bullets targeted within a specified time period (e.g., two Silver Bullets per month). Within these guidelines, each Silver Bullet is a 1-2 page document that identifies the report, firm, analysts, and a synopsis of the report's key points. ASG also provides commentary as to why the report is critical, the type of sales opportunity where the report is likely to have impact, and strategies for to use (and not use) the report. Again, bullet format and content focus is customized to YOUR organization. (Sample)

Why Outsource to ASG

  • Tracking research is time-consuming. ASG's philosphy has always been that AR teams should focus their limited resources on strategic activities and outsource operational activities to knowledgable, qualified resources
  • ASG understands analyst research, how it maps to client and competitive situations, and most importantly how to put this into quickly digestible sound-bites that sales will pay attention to
  • ASG has experience in building AR-Sales organization partnerships and understands how to work with and get the attention of sales management and sales operations

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