A critical part of an AR-Sales Partnership Plan is training sales and sales management. The sales organization must understand the impact the analyst community has on their sales cycles. More importantly, your sales team must be provided the tools and training to effectively leverage this third-party influence to help close business. Conversely, they must understand how to effectively mitigate the effects of any negative coverage.

ASG, along with our partners, have developed a full arsenal of training materials for both sales and sales management. Clients may select the topics that best fit their needs and upcoming opportunities. The training is anchored by two overview modules: Sales Team Basics: Recognizing and Leveraging Analyst Influence in Your Sales Cycles and Sales Management Basics: Understanding Analyst Influence. While targeting the unique perspectives of each group, both overview modules are designed to foster an understanding of the analysts' impact on sales, the analyst landscape, techniques for identifying analyst influence in a sales cycle, and how to effectively apply AR-provided sales tools situationally. Subsequent drill-down training components are quick, professionally produced content segments, including:
  • Gartner Magic Quadrant: Leveraging the Positive Position
  • Gartner Magic Quadrant: Countering the Negative Position
  • How Signature Research Impacts Your Sales Cycles
  • Leveraging Analyst Influence to Get On the Short List
  • Steering Prospects to Positive Analysts
  • Mitigating Risk from Negative Coverage
  • Discovering Your Prospect's Ties to the Analyst Community

Key Deliverables

ASG's AR-Sales Team Training is a customized program where the client can select appropriate content based on your sales team's current level of awareness regarding the analyst community and your program's goals and objectives. ASG helps clients select the appropriate mix of content. Training can be administered by ASG, one of our partners, or you can simply license our content.

Why Outsource to ASG

  • ASG, together with our partners, provide the widest and deepest knowledge available in AR-focused sales team training
  • Extensive library of developed training content
  • Expertise in sales and the sales process within the high-tech industry
  • Expertise in providing focused, sales-specific tools (e.g., ASG's Sales Silver Bullets)
  • Developing training content is time consuming and expensive. Now you have the ability to select from a wide range of relevant topics and have these available in real time, while you concentrate on other critical activities
  • ASG treats every AR team as a unique entity. Our training deliverables can be tailored to meet the unique needs and requirements of your company's culture and processes

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