Despite numerous attempts by mature and sophisticated programs, AR's impact on sales has never been directly quantified. Organizations have attempted to track analyst short-list recommendations, analyst leads, analyst involvement in sales cycles, and other direct measures. Unfortunately for AR, competitive wins are the result of a team effort, whereas opportunities derailed by analyst meddling are highlighted front-and-center.

Through ASG's work with several AR programs who are successfully supporting their sales teams, ASG has refined an annual measurement process that focuses on assessing the sales organization's:
  • Level of understanding regarding the analyst community and the ways in which analyst can (and do) influence your company's prospects and customers
  • Ability to recognize when an analyst is involved in a sales opportunity
  • Confidence in effectively leveraging positive analyst perceptions and mitigating the impact of negative reports or recommendations
  • Awareness of the support and tools available from the AR program
  • Overall level of satisfaction with the training, tools, and support provided by the AR program

Experience has shown that if AR is providing solid, concise, and helpful training and tools, sales organizations respond accordingly. If AR's efforts are unclear or less than helpful, again, sales organizations respond accordingly.

ASG's program is based on performing an annual Web-based survey of your sales organization, including dealers and/or channel partners.

Key Deliverables

  • Study Kickoff Session to specific study objectives, scope, and timeline; and to review/discuss current sales support initiatives
  • Pre-Study Survey Review Session to finalize survey questions and finalize targeted response groups
  • Executive Summary Presentation highlighting key findings, recommendations, and study methodology
  • Review Session with AR team
  • Review Session(s) with additional stakeholders, including sales management and sales operations support
  • Sales Team Audit Workbook providing details for quantitative responses (Sample Charts)

Why Outsource to ASG

  • ASG has extensive experience working with both sales and AR programs regarding training, tools, and support for leveraging/mitigating analyst impact
  • ASG conducts numerous Web-based studies annually
  • ASG can provide third-party objectivity and can maintain respondent anonymity (if desired)
  • ASG can adapt our extensive library of sales-oriented questions to your unique situation to ensure a rapid, customized, statistically valid survey
  • ASG performs the operational tasks of conducting the survey, analyzing responses, distilling findings, and preparing summary presentations while you maintain focus on more strategic activities

Due to the client-specific nature of this service, detailed sample deliverables are not available.
Please contact ASG directly for more information.